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BerliNoir, March 2008 (II) May 2, 2008

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Emily at Bösebrücke in Prenzlauer Berg

Pic 1: A nice picture of Emily at Bösebrücke, at the end of Norwegerstraße. The photo is nicely split between the railing and edge of the bridge above andthe graffiti and stone to the right, with cross-legged Emily in the middle.

Pic 2: My favourite picture of the Bornholmer Straße S-Bahn station through a hole in the wall on Norweger Straße. The focus on the sign, split by the lamppost, and the blurry focus on the wall in the foreground is very nice. Bornholmer Str. sign through a hole in the wall.

Pic 3: Another picture of Ms Jones at Bösebrücke. This is a little less grainy than the other, but the composition is better in Picture 1.

On top of the bridge near Bornholmer Str


BerliNoir, March 2008

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Blurring Lines:

Emily at Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn station

Pic 1: This is a nice picture of Emily at Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn station, along with the train coming onto the platform behind her. The long exposure means a nice blurry train, but also a slightly blurry Emily in the foreground. One of my favourites this time, but perhaps would be better on less grainy Ilford film (as in the last roll).

Rosenthaler Pl. at night time, with car headlampsPic 2: Rosenthaler Platz from St Oberholz, again with the issue that it was a long exposure and thus slightly blurry overall. The car headlamps streaming across the centre of the picture, and the lines on the road, are a satisfying pattern nonetheless.

Pic 3: Norweger Straße, the street along which the Wall ran. This is more a German-language convoluted joke. That the Wall used to be on this street and that there is a sign stating Keine Wendemöglichkeit is amusing but requires too much explanation here, I think!Norweger Straße, near home


HamburgNoir, 24th – 26th March 2008 April 6, 2008

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Hamburger Hafen

Emily at U-Bahn BaumwallThe Harbour at SunsetHarbour at SunsetPic 1: This is Emily at Baumwall, an U-Bahn station near the harbour. Now the intention was for it all to be in focus, so it’s a little odd that the background is clear but Emily isn’t! But it’s somehow a nice photo anyway.
Pic 2: This and pic 3 here are also favourites! I really like the composition of the light in this one – bright sun in the centre, silhouettes fading to black, and glistening water.
Pic 3: More harbour sunset. Similar to the last photo, but I like the lone wispy cloud and the mast of the ship in the foreground.

That’s all for now folks. More coming next week.


Berlin, 27th – 29th March 2008

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Questions of focus
The Fernsehturm at Alexanderplatz
Emily in Berlin, though I\'m not sure exactly where. The awning of the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz

Pic 1: The Fernsehturm is still the tallest structure in Germany. The focus is actually more on the tram lines in front of it, though.
Pic 2: Ms Jones: I’m not entirely sure where this was, but I like the shallow focus with the blurry background.
Pic 3: The focus here is a little blurry – should it have been ‘deeper’ to bring all the elements into sharper focus? The Sony Center, despite its American English, is still very cool though(!)