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BerliNoir, March 2008 (III) May 2, 2008

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Dummy heads and detective poster at an antiques shop

Pic 1: An antiques shop on Oranienstraße, with dismembered dummy heads and a poster for a German detective movie, Emile die Detektive. The tones could be more contrasty (a technical term, I think) but the random collection of objects is a good reference to Berlin as a cut-up city.

Pic 2: Another, longer shot of Bornholmer Straße S-Bahn from Bösebrücke. I was most interested in getting the interconnecting train lines and tracks, but am not sure that comes through very well. The S-Bahn sign does, however, seem rather lonely on its own. S-Bahn lines and tracks

Pic 3: The Gedächtniskirche on the Kurfürstendamm: a typical tourist photo that I thought I just had to have. Not too much to say about it otherwise. The Gedächtniskirche on the Kudamm
More pictures coming soon.