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About June 26, 2007

Welcome to BostoNoir. Having departed German shores at the end of June, I now have the honour of updating you on pictures of some NeoNoir in the form of Boston, MA and its various suburbs.

D.L.R. Sept. 4th, 20008

I am aiming to post some scans of real-life analogue black and white pictures of Berlin over the next few months whilst I am still here. There might also be the occasional written-post if I come across interesting links, ideas or points-of-view related to what I’m up to at the moment, or to Berlin in general.

DLR 5.4.08


One Response to “About”

  1. Shawn Dufour Says:


    Thanks for posting the photos and linking to my site. I remember when I first moved to Boston and was captivated by the T. I appreciate your interest. Just as an aside, I have two photos at an exhibit at the Kingston Gallery in the South End. The photos are on my website but if your looking to get to know the city it might be worth the trip. The show runs until Dec. 21. There are several galleries and studios in that building.

    One favor, would you mind putting my name on the page with the photos just in case a viewer doesn’t click on the link that goes to my site.



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