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T Photos: Public Transporn September 4, 2008

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Disclaimer: All the photos in this post are copyright to Shawn Dufour, who currently has some photos in a Kingston Gallery exhibit in the South End of Boston. Thanks Shawn!

In the absence of original photos for the time being (film-development money pending), these photos of abandoned subway tunnels in Boston, mostly on the older stretches of the Green Line, are mighty cool.

Disused Green Line tunnels near the Boylston T stop

One of the older Green Line trains

Signified by colour coded names, the Green Line is the oldest individual subway line in the US; this is a fact that can’t escape your notice if you often have to ride it, but nonetheless, these images are pretty cool. The Line splits into 4 separate tracks after a certain point (A, B, C and D – yes, it’s that simple), and there are old lines which used to run into Watertown and Medford – two towns a fair distance from Boston proper.

The streetcar nature of the trains themselves seem incongruous with the larger city, but the Green Line itself runs into the less built-up, more residential parts of Greater Boston whilst the more modern fast-tracks run in Boston, Cambridge and more central areas.

Tracks at the North End station, looking towards Boston.

Photos coming soon from the hands of BostoNoir, so stay tuned.


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