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NeoNoir August 1, 2008

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Walking around the downtown/Copley Square area of Boston, one can’t help but notice the John Hancock Tower. Until yesterday I had assumed that it was named for John Hancock himself, but apparently (and unsurprisingly on reflection) the Tower is named after the Hancock Insurance Agency.

The building is nonetheless a fairly concise version of Boston noir, situated right next to a building of around 100 years old (old for the US, not that old for Boston itself) and yet set in a stereotypically ‘modern’ style of architecture. Like the Hancock building, the cut-up nature of the city is more clear-cut, and more bipolar. I took a couple of photos (below): the century-old, comparatively tiny building (a library?) next door to the 250 metre-tall reflective wedge. In the panorama picture, the skyscraper almost looks transparent.

It took a while to make the future work,

The older building mirrored at the base of the tower.

however, with apparent falling panes of glass during high winds, and workers on the uppermost floors feeling nauseated during storms or snow (not unfamiliar things for Boston.

The older building mirrored at the base of the tower.


2 Responses to “NeoNoir”

  1. Toh Says:

    The older building next to the tower in the square is trinity church.

  2. Beat me to it. I was in the area last August. I think we took some pictures from the same vantage points, including the one from the top of the Prudential Tower. They’re all on

    Trinity Church is very beautiful – well worth a look on the inside.

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