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BerliNoir, March 2008 (III) May 2, 2008

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Dummy heads and detective poster at an antiques shop

Pic 1: An antiques shop on Oranienstraße, with dismembered dummy heads and a poster for a German detective movie, Emile die Detektive. The tones could be more contrasty (a technical term, I think) but the random collection of objects is a good reference to Berlin as a cut-up city.

Pic 2: Another, longer shot of Bornholmer Straße S-Bahn from Bösebrücke. I was most interested in getting the interconnecting train lines and tracks, but am not sure that comes through very well. The S-Bahn sign does, however, seem rather lonely on its own. S-Bahn lines and tracks

Pic 3: The Gedächtniskirche on the Kurfürstendamm: a typical tourist photo that I thought I just had to have. Not too much to say about it otherwise. The Gedächtniskirche on the Kudamm
More pictures coming soon.


4 Responses to “BerliNoir, March 2008 (III)”

  1. Indy Says:

    I love love love the antique shop photo. The angle of it is almost voyeuristic and at the same time makes the random things seem almost monumental (what with the upward angle making them seem larger than life). I love random shots like this. Or, better, shots with random things in them. Also, the S-Bahn sign does look strangely lonely… almost like it’s out of place.

  2. TAR ART RAT Says:

    can’t rmember if I liked or hated Emil und die Dektektive…

  3. Mark Coggins Says:

    Dan, those are great shots. Yes, I would definitely recommend Philip Kerr if you haven’t read him.

  4. […] sentences, misappropriated phrases and English half-wrapped in her native tongue. I sputter in German, consonants and vowels spill beneath the underpass and flicker for a moment in the midnight air […]

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