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HamburgNoir, 24th – 26th March 2008 April 6, 2008

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Hamburger Hafen

Emily at U-Bahn BaumwallThe Harbour at SunsetHarbour at SunsetPic 1: This is Emily at Baumwall, an U-Bahn station near the harbour. Now the intention was for it all to be in focus, so it’s a little odd that the background is clear but Emily isn’t! But it’s somehow a nice photo anyway.
Pic 2: This and pic 3 here are also favourites! I really like the composition of the light in this one – bright sun in the centre, silhouettes fading to black, and glistening water.
Pic 3: More harbour sunset. Similar to the last photo, but I like the lone wispy cloud and the mast of the ship in the foreground.

That’s all for now folks. More coming next week.


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